Are you so busy seeing clients that it’s hard to say if your private practice is doing well or not?

Do you worry that you may be losing sight of what really matters to you, and what will actually make a difference in your life - personally, professionally or financially?

Do you want to step into 2023 on the right foot, feeling grounded, clear, and intentional about your private practice and life?

The Private Practice Revitalizer workbook is here to help you reflect, ground, and plan for the coming year in your private practice - to make 2023 what you want it to be.

Our free workbook will help you bring in the new year in your private practice with clarity, intention and focus - in just 3 easy steps.

The New Year is a natural opportunity to take stock and connect with the big picture. This reconnecting with yourself, your progress and your goals will set you up to start 2023 on the right foot.

Make use of this reflective time of the year to focus on the big picture! Take the time to zoom out and be intentional about what your practice and life will look like in 2023.

This workbook will be a great tool to keep handy all year long to check if you are on track. You are? Take time to celebrate! You are not? Get curious about it! Do I need to make changes to meet them? Or have my goals changed?

Bonus! Plus get a free workshop with Linzy!

Do you like the idea of the workbook, but you know you won’t get to it by yourself?

I’ve got you! Start the year with me with a free 1.5-hour workshop on Wednesday, January 11, 2023.

I will gently guide you through the process to help you to clarify your vision for 2023.

Bring your favourite beverage; light up a candle! Start the year with a nurturing and thoughtful exercise that will allow you to get clear on the direction you want for this year and start 2023 feeling like a boss. 😎

We know that reconnecting with ourselves and our goals is important, but it rarely makes it into our schedule. We’re too busy taking care of our clients, our families and our responsibilities.

In this workshop, we will create the container to allow you to reflect and focus on making strategic decisions in 2023 so your private practice supports you, your life and your dreams.

What will we do during this workshop?

In 3 easy steps, we will :

     ✍️Review the highlights of 2022 in our private practice

     🧘Ground ourselves to get realigned with our core values

     📅 Plan 2023 for our private practice to make sure it fits with the big picture

I’m a private practice therapist turned money coach who helps therapists feel calm and in control of their finances.

As the daughter of an accountant, I inherited a good dose of bookkeeping brain. I’m like half therapist, half bookkeeper. So when I went into private practice, I dug right into all the ways to build a healthy business that pays for my life and always has extra money in the bank.

I also saw my super-skilled colleagues struggle with the money side of business. Some had even left private practice or were avoiding starting one because the money side was too stressful.

So I put my lucky combination of people and money skills together, and Money Nuts & Bolts was born.

I help therapists develop peace of mind about their money. 

Since so many of us were never taught about money, I focus on the “how” of making the financial side of private practice doable and even super satisfying (feeling competent and calm about your money is pretty sweet!)

My signature course, Money Skills For Therapists has helped hundreds of therapists in (or about to start) private practice get their finances in order and change their relationship with money.

When you submit your contact information above, I'll send you an email (from with the link to the workbook. If you don't see that email, let us know and we'll get you on your way.

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