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My signature course for therapists, health practitioners, coaches, and other service providers who are running (or about to start) their private practice, has been carefully designed to take you from money confusion, worry, shame, and uncertainty - to confidence and peace. In this course I give you everything you need to create financial peace of mind.

To make sure this course is right for you, I invite you to sign up for my free Masterclass, the 4 Step Framework to get your Business Finances Totally in Order. In this masterclass I'll show you the exact framework I teach inside Money Skills for Therapists and you'll get a chance to get to know me and determine if we'd be a good fit.

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Here's what you'll learn in this Masterclass:

3 of the BIGGEST mistakes that keep therapists from getting clarity on their private practice finances

It's normal you don't know how to manage your business finances - no one ever taught you. These common mistakes keep us stuck, and are easy to shift once you know what they are.



How I went from just getting by in my practice to thriving financially

Learn how to make lasting change in your relationship with money so you can really meet your financial needs!

My 4 step framework to get your business finances totally in order

So that you can feel calm and clear about your finances, and focus your energy on the work you love to do (instead of worrying about money!)



At the end of the Masterclass, if you feel that this course is right for you and that we'd be a good match, you'll have an opportunity to register for Money Skills for Therapists!

I’m a therapist in private practice, a consultant who helps therapists feel calm and in control of their finances, and the creator of the Money Skills for Therapists course.

As the daughter of an accountant, I inherited a good dose of bookkeeping brain. I’m like half therapist, half bookkeeper. So when I went into private practice I dug right into all the ways to build a healthy business that pays for my life and always has extra money in the bank.

I also saw my super skilled colleagues struggle with the money side of business. Some had even left private practice, or were avoiding starting one, because the money side was too stressful.

So I put my lucky combination of people and money skills together, and Money Nuts & Bolts was born.

I help therapists develop peace of mind about their money. Since so many of us were never taught about money, I focus on the 'how' of making the financial side of private practice doable, and even super satisfying (feeling competent and calm about your money is pretty swell!)

Catharine McDonald


Tolland, Connecticut

What sets Linzy's course apart is her combination of being a therapist and having logistical money knowledge. The emotional work that she does is what helped me make the long lasting, sustainable behavior changes. If you don't revise your money story, you're not going to permanently change your behaviors around money. 

These are tough topics to discuss with strangers, and Linzy facilitated a place where where I felt safe, so I could celebrate my wins and keep motivated through difficult moments.

I've come a really long way since working with Linzy. I don't have the same fear relationship to money that I did. Now I have the ability and tools to catch my money avoidance and manage it. 

I have much more faith in myself when it comes to managing money. I feel like it's doable.

Mary Farkas


Beacon, New York

My favorite thing about working with Linzy is that I never felt ashamed to say "I don't know", because she's a therapist, so she understands shame dynamics so acutely and was always like "Cool, let's just work it out. Let's just do it again."

Linzy has a deep understanding of the feelings that are associated with money and so the way she coaches is so calming and caring and playful. I never felt like an idiot saying, "Can you show me how to use that tool again for the 87th time?"

When you join the Money Skills for Therapists community, you get to surround yourself with practitioners who are doing the hard things like raising their fees, facing negative money stories, and mastering the learning curves that come with managing your money effectively.

You can build your practice so it supports you financially, and it suits your energy and your needs. That way you can start to feel fresh and excited about your work rather than feeling overworked and underpaid.

Money Skills for Therapists is about money and so much more… It’s about figuring out your goals, learning essential skills, getting clear about your values, and starting to really meet your needs.

Your practice can serve all of those, but only if you stop to make the important changes that will get you out of the grind, and into an empowered, intentional space with the work you do.

And you don’t have to do it alone.

Lifetime access to 6 modules of content in Teachable (including any additions and updates), including:

  • Self-paced and bite-sized instructional videos to show you, step-by-step, exactly how to get your private practice finances organized
  • Custom worksheets and tools for organizing your finances that I built specifically for therapists, health practitioners, coaches, and other service-based entrepreneurs
  • A vault of resources to help you put together your team and take things to the next level in your practice

Six months of personalized and hands-on coaching and support from me, my team, and a community of other therapists and health practitioners who are all doing the hard thing inside a private online community

Six months of access to supportive group calls on Zoom, facilitated by me and my coach, where you can get help with technical stuff or any money stories that come up as you work through the course content:

  • Two 90-minute Coaching & Support calls every month
  • Two 1-hour Get Shit Done Co-working & Troubleshooting Sessions
  • Monthly 1-hour Money Mindset Seminars to deep-dive on a topic that has been coming up in the community, like learning how to deal with money stories or getting unstuck
  • Access to call recordings to reflect back on, or in case you’re unable to attend the live calls

A 30-minute one-on-one with me to do a deep dive on anything about your private practice finances or money stories

Jelisha G.

Therapist in NYC, NY

This course CHANGED my life in ways I couldn't imagine.
I am set to have my highest income month since opening my practice, I moved into my dream apartment, have a trip set for Greece without the usual stress that comes with trips, and I have little to no anxiety around looking at my numbers and making decisions around money.
I feel incredibly empowered. I can't thank you enough!! You changed my world and I am forever grateful!!!!!
I don't know what I would have done without this. It actually scares me to think about me not having taken this course.

DUDE! You gotta take this course!
Linzy has some sort of amazing magic that makes engaging with your businesses finances fun.
I’m still not totally sure how she did it, but I’ve gone from someone who was super overwhelmed about what to do with my business finances to someone who feels way more grounded and secure in what I’m doing in regards to the money I bring in.
If you don’t have your personal and business finances separate, if you don’t know how much you’re paying yourself on a regular basis, if you’re terrified of your tax bills (among other bills), and if you are sick of avoiding your business finances, this is definitely the course for you.
Linzy weaves in money mindset with concrete skills to manage your money.

Jenn F.

LPC in Arlington, VA